Monday, April 19, 2010

Bernards man victimized by volcano

Of a New Jerseyan stranded in Europe because of the Icelandic volcano, AP wrote:

Many stranded travelers are also fretting over lost paychecks. Tom Napier - an American stuck in Oslo, where he had been visiting a friend - said his prolonged absence from his job as a high school history teacher in Bernards, New Jersey, will "more than likely" affect his salary.
"I am a little afraid that my pay will be docked," said Napier, 35. "I also have tutoring jobs during the week that usually supplement my salary. That will be gone. And even if I don't get my pay docked, all my days off will have to be charged as sick days."


Nicolas Ribard, 29, from Avignon, France, was among about a dozen stranded tourists squatting on sleeping bags that Narita airport officials had lent them. He and three other friends had about 3,000 yen between [sic: among?] them, and were surviving on airport-issued crackers, bottled water and coupons for one free shower a day.

[No credit cards?]


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