Friday, March 19, 2010

Posner snagged for plagiarism, again

Gerald Posner, who resigned from the Daily Beast over plagiarism problems
On Gerald Posner and "accidental plagiarism"
] was snagged again, this time for plagiarism within his book, Miami Babylon. Writing about the incident, Dave Rosenthal noted:

I speak occasionally to college journalism students, and this one of the simplest lessons I give them: attribute, attribute, attribute. Years ago, reporters felt sheepish about quoting other sources. If your article wasn't 100 percent new material, it was a bit embarrassing. But in the Internet era, aggregating information and linking to other sources is standard procedure. Sloppy note-taking is no excuse -- at warp speed or book speed.

Nice advice, but don't expect it to be taken too frequently.

Long ago, Posner wrote "Case Closed," advertising for which triggered some memorable Lanham Act cases, the Papa John's puffery cases of their day.

**UPDATE. The situation with Miami Babylon appears even worse.

See More Gerald Posner Plagiarism in Miami Babylon, From New Times, PBS, and Many Others

Also, of the Daily Beast: Daily Beast lifts from Salon -- again


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