Monday, March 01, 2010

No evidence for plagiarism by university administrators???

In a story in titled Is plagiarism on the rise? about the (speech) plagiarism by Malone University President Gary Streit, writer Robert Wang states:

Professors who have dealt with plagiarism issues at Ohio State University and Ohio University said they could not recall a case when a university administrator used unattributed material in a speech.

This illustrates the difference between a subjective standard [what a given person knows] and an objective standard [what one can find with a diligent search].

President Raj Chopra of Southwestern University in California (Chula Vista) plagiarized a Thanksgiving greeting from the CEO of Southwest Airlines.

President William Meehan of Jacksonville State University plagiarized for newspaper columns written under his name

Of more serious matters than mere speeches, Glenn Poshard, President of Southern Illinois University, plagiarized material in his own Ph.D. thesis and similar charges were leveled against Dr. Blandina Cardenas, president of a school in the University of Texas system.

Poaching Poshard, Batman; another university president accused of a plagiarized Ph.D. thesis!

In terms of actions in Somerset County, New Jersey, the Branchburg schools Superintendent was accused of plagiarism.

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IPBiz suspects if one combed through the speeches of university presidents, one might find evidence of copying going on.

In the Ohio matter, Wang wrote:

A review of Streit’s speech to students in January shows that major portions matched almost word for word two Associated Press articles, an entry from the online encyclopedia Wikipedia, and a paragraph that matches the wording in several Web sites about the Roman god Janus.


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