Saturday, March 27, 2010

LA Times follows up on Sikes' Toyota Prius story

In a piece --Runaway Prius driver: What should happen next? --, an LA Times blog piece asks:

Whichever side you choose, should Sikes face any consequences if the investigation proves his story was in fact a hoax?

IPBiz ponders, what happens if the story wasn't a hoax? We don't seem to yet have a firm account of "what did" happen with Sikes' Prius.

Merely as an observation (and not commenting on Toyota's analysis of the in-car computer data), LBE observes that certain companies are less than straightforward in their record keeping. For example, health insurance providers purport to keep records of phone calls made to them. Recent experience demonstrates that, when convenient, the health insurance companies deny phone calls took place at all or misrepresent the contents of the calls. In a different vein, LBE had work done on an iPhone, which was not duly noted by Apple in its records, which became relevant in a later iPhone malfunction. Records maintained by a company, and interpreted by a company, might possibly be subject to a pro-company bias.


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