Monday, March 01, 2010

An interference reaching back in time

from MarketWatch:

Enzo developed its signal amplification technology in the early 1980s, filing its original patent application on May 5, 1983. The Patent Office granted a patent to Chiron Corporation (later acquired by Bayer Healthcare) in 1992, although Chiron's application was originally filed on October 15, 1987, nearly four and one-half years after Enzo's original filing date. An interference proceeding was declared by the Patent Office on August 7, 2006 to determine, as between Enzo and Bayer Healthcare, who made the invention first. The Diagnostics Division of Bayer HealthCare, which has since been acquired by Siemens Medical Solutions, produces the "VERSANT(R) Branched DNA (bDNA) Assays" that utilizes the technology whose claim has now been resolved in Enzo's favor by the interference judgment.


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