Friday, March 26, 2010

Deja vu on bans on public cursing

On March 26, CBS Evening News without Katie Couric had a story on a teenager campaigning against profanity. A "cuss jar" was part of the deal. The teenager had sent one to Joe Biden, who more likely needs a "plagiarism jar."

Way back in 1994, the council in Raritan Boro next to Bridgewater, New Jersey voted 5-0 to ban cursing in public. The police chief said he wouldn't enforce it, mentioning something about lawsuit (First Amendment) issues.

CBS News also had a piece on a study, based on analysis of pictures on baseball cards, that suggested people who smiled lived, on average, five years longer than people who didn't. Harry Smith didn't note who the illustrated frowning player was.

All in all, the March 26 episode of CBS Evening News demonstrated that there are worse things than Katie Couric.

Researchers Ernest Abel and Michael Kruger from Wayne State University examined the 1952 Baseball Register photos of 230 Major League Baseball players who started playing before 1950, and found the span of their smile accurately predicted their life span.


Smile Intensity in Photographs Predicts Longevity

***On "hot news" and AP vi. INS

SDNY grants summary judgment on hot news claim


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