Friday, March 05, 2010

CJ Roberts is not about to retire

In a post titled Here's Why John Roberts Was Rumored To Retire, one has the text:

Our criminal justice professor started our 9 am lecture with the news that roberts will be resigning tomorrow for health reasons — that he could not handle the administrative burdens of the job. He would not say how he knows — but halfway through our lecture on the credibility and reliability of informants he revealed that the Roberts rumor was made up to show how someone you ordinarily think is credible and reliable (ie a law professor) can disseminate inaccurate information.

Credible and reliable? No, Gary Boone did not invent the integrated circuit, and yes certain law profs at Harvard are admitted plagiarists.

**In passing, IP blog rankings at blawgsearch. IPBiz #1 IP blawg/ #32 overall.


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