Sunday, March 21, 2010

CBS Sunday Morning recycles tulip story on March 21

CBS Sunday Morning recycled a story about Mr. Daniels' tulips in Orange County, California. "Everything has a limited lifespan," unless it can be repeated on different outlets on CBS News.

From CBS Nightly News, more than a week earlier on March 11:

Spring is just 10 days away. The crocuses are popping up in the usual places. And the tulips? They're blooming in one very unusual place where a grower has a way of tricking nature, as CBS News correspondent John Blackstone reports.

In Southern California, palm trees grow tall and cactus gardens thrive - but the heat makes it a terrible place for tulips…

"We just can't grow 'em here," said gardener Mary Hovland. "Except he's the exception to the rule I guess."

Somehow Wayne Daniels grows tulips in Southern California


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