Monday, March 01, 2010

Breast augmentation via stem cells

On 1 March 2010, KYW3 in Philly did a story Stem Cell Breast Augmentation which included quotes from Todd Malan and Ron Lohner.

A patient noted: "I went from barely a B to a D, a full D. You look in the mirror, you see some cleavage, you feel a little sexy. For me, my self image, I like what I see. I feel good about myself. I think it actually gives me more confidence,

See IPBiz post from 2009,
Stem cell therapy to grow bigger breasts?

Meanwhile, at californiastemcellreport, on long hours at CIRM:

Big run-ups in unused time off also reflect an organization's inability to perform routine tasks routinely. When the staff's energy is often consumed by last minute and late hour scurrying-about, it leaves little room to deal with genuine emergencies or allow time for thoughtful analysis. In the case of CIRM, where careful thinking should be valued, it has prevented its science officers and others from staying in the forefront of the stem cell field through attendance at key scientific conferences. CIRM has declared the importance of such efforts and has budgeted generously for them. But much of the funding remains unused.

IPBiz query: one might want to know "how much" they budgeted? If it were a hyper-generous amount, unused funding does not prove much. Combining 'breast augmentation" with "long hours" evokes the Playtex episode of "Mad Men."

**UPDATE. News in July 2010

A Brazilian model who boasted of having the biggest breasts in the world is fighting for her life after getting a deadly infection during the latest operation to make them even bigger.
Sheyla Hershey is undergoing emergency surgery to remove the implants that boosted her breast size to 38KKK.

Also NY Daily News.


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Stem cells? No surgery? I am all for breast implants that do not have any scar!

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