Tuesday, February 23, 2010


An IPBiz post on ClimateGate included a quote from Judith Curry, a researcher at Georgia Institute of Technology:

"In my opinion, there are two broader issues raised by these emails that are impeding the public credibility of climate research: lack of transparency in climate data, and 'tribalism' in some segments of the climate research community that is impeding peer review and the assessment process."

On the decision of Evan Bayh not to seek re-election, the Christian Scientist Monitor noted that in a phone interview with the Monitor, Senator Bayh elaborated. "Our politics has almost become tribal, with the different political tribes bent on destroying their adversaries," he said. "It's a constant quest for political power that renders its effective use impossible once you've attained it."

One recalls the opening scene in the movie 2001.

And, then, there is patent reform from 2005 to the present.


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