Saturday, February 27, 2010

Return of the lost city of Z?

In the realm of "prior art," note the re-appearance of interest in the lost city of Z:

"One archaeologist has found, in the very area where Fawcett believed he would find Z, 20 pre-Colombian settlements that had roads built at right angles, bridges, causeways, and that a cluster of these settlements that were interconnected had populations of between 2,500 to 5,000 people, which would have made them the size of many medieval European cities at the time

As to Fawcett, maybe "oral history" should count as "prior art":

"We stayed with many of the same tribes that Fawcett stayed with," said Grann. "And to my astonishment, they had an oral history about Fawcett and his expedition.

"It describes how Fawcett had insisted on moving eastward, towards the 'River of Death.' And the tribe tried to persuade them not to go in that direction. In that direction were what they referred to as 'the fierce Indians.' And off he marched.

**Also related to Brazil, The gun-toting boys from Brazil who rule Rio’s ‘Corner of Fear’ So, maybe, "the fierce Indians" are alive and well and waiting for visitors to the Olympics?

The fierce ones of Brazil, circa 2010

**In passing, IPCrunch



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