Wednesday, February 03, 2010

NCIS Feb. 2 "Masquerade" brings back M. Allison Hart

The 2 February 2010 episode of NCIS titled "Masquerade" returned the "M. Allison Hart" character. Of interest in the plot was the role of outsourcing of intelligence services. The ultimate "bad guy" was the private sector guy receiving the outsourced money, trying of course to get more money. There was also an "evil" dentist, who was a strange variant of Batman's Joker.

The previous appearance of M. Allison Hart included her role as a patent attorney. See

Although the show tries to portray Hart as very smart, the image was tarnished by her expressing surprise at Gibbs' strategy in releasing Ramon Vega's brother. Duh, that one was a hanging curve ball more appropriate for Saturday morning cartoons...


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