Saturday, February 27, 2010

"Jeopardy" does "intellectual property" on 26 Feb 2010

The game show "Jeopardy" had a category "intellectual property" on February 26, 2010. No, it is not what you think. The category really was "real property of intellectuals."

Moreover, if you had been reading IPBiz ( 112 Mercer Street in Princeton ) you would have been able to correctly answer one of the daily doubles.
Yes, after a long delay, the person from Tennessee said "Einstein," recognizing the residence of the scientist from 1939 onward.

Moreover, for those who care, Einstein's immigration papers are on display at the federal courthouse in Trenton, and yes Mr. and Mrs. Bucky were the witnesses for those papers. [Buckyballs would not take off for about 50 more years.]


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