Monday, February 08, 2010

Cheating events at Stanford on the rise

An article by Lisa M. Krieger titled Stanford finds cheating — especially among computer science students — on the rise concludes with the following text:

"When you're in professional school at Stanford, it is foolish to cheat. If you pass, there will be good job opportunities," said law student Eric Osborne.
"That is not as true for undergraduates in the engineering and computer science fields," said Osborne, "where in this economy, there is a lot of drive to get into grad school."

More of the population probably thinks of devious lawyers than of devious engineers. Further, as to the job argument, as to scientists, one recalls the cheating of Jan Hendrik Schon and Hwang Woo Suk, who cheated EVEN THOUGH they already had great jobs.

An article in the Inquirer, derived from Krieger's piece, includes the text:

Apparently the swanky university has seen the numbers of allegations of cheating double in the past decade, with the largest number of violations involving computer science students.
Stanford is one of only 100 US campuses with an honour code, which was designed to uphold academic integrity by prohibiting plagiarism, copying work and getting outside help.


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