Thursday, January 07, 2010

Quotes from Inventors Digest interview with David Kappos

From the Inventors Digest [ID] interview:

ID: Interesting. We need to talk about first-to-file. But before we get to that, to what extent is your lengthy tenure at IBM influencing you at the USPTO? Are you running it more like a Fortune 500 company?

DK: That’s another great question and I would answer it with yes and no.

IBM patent policy: apparent schizophrenia?

from the interview:

ID: When I hear “adjust fees,” I hear “fees going up.”

DK: Some fees will go up. Some fees may go down. And some fees will probably stay the same.

On outsourcing:

ID: What does work sharing with foreign patent offices do to the so-called sovereign function – the notion that U.S.-based intellectual property interests should not be beholden to foreign examiners? If you’re outsourcing this function, for lack of a better term, what does it do to the sovereign function of this office?

DK: OK, that’s a great question. Let me meet that one very very carefully.

All right, work sharing is not outsourcing. We have absolutely no intention of substituting the judgment of any foreign person for the judgment of the United States Patent and Trademark Office examiner, OK. We won’t do it. Never gonna happen. Not on my watch, anyway.

IBM's published patent application 20090083107 on outsourcing

**Also, notice that Wal-Mart announced outsourcing of certain positions at Sam's Club.

Wal-Mart cuts 11,200 jobs at Sam's Club [ "as it outsources in-store product demonstrations and eliminates positions used to recruit new business members."]


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