Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Masnick on VCs and an independent inventor defense

from Masnick and TechDirt on 12 Jan 2010:

Seeing as we were just talking about claims from a patent attorney that no legitimate VCs can be against software patents, it's good to see that one of the most respected VC firms in internet-related issues, Union Square Ventures has come out strongly in favor of an independent invention defense against patent infringement. This is great. I have no idea if I helped to make this come about, but a year ago, Union Square partner Fred Wilson had spoken out about how patents were harming his portfolio, and suggested some ways to fix the system (not including an independent invention defense). I responded with a post suggesting he consider an independent invention defense beyond his proposals, as it would really solve a lot of the problems. So it's really fantastic to see the firm take a stand on such an important issue -- proving once again what a lie it is to claim that VCs require patents.

Query: does supporting an independent inventor defense imply a position against patents?


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