Wednesday, January 06, 2010

"Law & Order" copying "Law & Order"?

Of the 6 Jan 2010 episode of Law & Order SVU titled “Quickie,” one remembered that the major plotline (HIV man deliberately infecting women) had been seen before on Law & Order.

In fact, someone already had the double-dipping up on the internet:

The episode begins with a murder victim who has been sexually assaulted, but turns into a case where the Special Victims Unit chases down a guy who is knowingly infecting women with HIV. It’s a story already done by the Law & Order "mothership" years ago in the episode “Carrier, ” which included one of the more memorable Jack McCoy quotes: "Hey no baby, I don't use rubbers, it's better bareback." (I still laugh at that line when I see that episode, it’s something about hearing Sam Waterston deliver it.)

The 2010 show had some internet window dressing: the website for AQ – Anonymous Quickie, “log on, hook up, get off”, but the legal issue was unchanged from the last visit by L & O. While Olivia cited some court precedent, she could perhaps have cited the earlier Law & Order.


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