Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Do entrepreneurs hate patent lawyers?

A comment by LBE to the IAM post titled: Why are lawyers disliked by entrepreneurs?

If you're talking about venture capitalists, etc., either you've been talking to the wrong VCs, or more likely the VCs have been talking to the wrong patent attorneys. Further, on the other side of the coin:




VCs look for familiar people to hold their hand, and, as Bob Park noted long ago, are out to sea on the technology. Their game plan is to get in, and out, quickly, so they are not concerned about "Bleak House" - like patent litigation, or patents generally. The above noted list is a hackneyed accumulation of complaints about lawyers, not generating any remarkable insight in the tech area.

In contrast to VCs, small inventors know their technology and generally quickly figure out who the good patent attorneys are, and would not remain with any attorney presenting the problems you mention.


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