Friday, January 22, 2010

Apple patent application for avoiding parking tickets

IPBiz has discussed some of the "less than groundbreaking" patent applications of IBM and Microsoft. On January 21, 2010, Apple's US 20100017118 was published, with first claim

A method relating to implementing location aware services for mobile device users, comprising:

determining a first location based on a location of a first device by machine processing of one or more of GPS signals and triangulation information;
retrieving parking regulations, through the first device, from a source of such information pertinent to the first location;algorithmically determining, based on a current time and based on the parking regulations, a timing of an alert to avoid violating the parking regulations pertinent to the first location; and
automatically programming the alert into the first mobile device.

Yes, a method to help one avoid parking tickets. Looks kind of incremental, if not trivial.

Claim 17 gets more involved:

A method of using current mobile device location and surroundings information, comprising:

receiving an indication of an intended destination of a user, to be reached by means other than an automobile in which the user is presently occupying;determining a present location of the mobile device by machine processing of one or more of GPS signals and triangulation information;
retrieving parking regulations pertaining to a plurality of distinct parking opportunities, over a data network, from one or more sources of parking information;forming a first travel time estimate from each of the parking opportunities to the intended destination, and a second travel time estimate from intended destination to each of the parking opportunities;
forming a total time required estimate that includes the first travel time estimate, the second travel time estimate and a time at the intended destination;
providing an indication of which of the parking opportunities allow parking for at least that total amount of time;receiving a selection of one of the parking opportunities from the user; and
providing directions from the present location of the mobile device to the selected parking opportunity.

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