Saturday, December 12, 2009

Unlikely events in December 2009?

LBE showed up at a Wal-Mart for an oil change early on 12 Dec 09. After waiting for 45 minutes, was told that Wal-Mart had no oil filters for his car, one of the ten most popular in the US, but that he could go out and buy one, which Wal-Mart could install. Back in 30 minutes with the filter, and two hours later Wal-Mart did, but misreported the car's mileage on the receipt, by a factor of two.

Hungry after the nearly four hour oil change, stopped by a local Hamilton, NJ Burger King, only to be told "out of meat."

Companies tend to have lean inventories during recessions, but no oil filters at Wal-Mart and no burgers at Burger King? In a world wherein a Burger King has no burgers, patent attorneys better wake up to the reality that
patent filings are a very controllable expense

With the drop in filed patent applications in 2009, the USPTO is getting the picture.

We're not in Kansas anymore.

**As to not being in Kansas anymore, LBE, in driving down Garretson Road on Friday, Dec. 11, noticed the high school was unusually empty in the pm. It turns out there was a bomb scare. A thread on centraljersey.momslikeme had picked up the news, but the initial posts were like, gee, there were bomb scares when I was in school:

Like KSat said, bomb threats were the norm at my HS backin the late 80s and early 90s. It did seem like a weekly occurence. We spent an awful lot of time standing on the front lawn while the fire department did whatever it is they did before letting us back in. Then it went out of vogue.

Sadly, it turns out this one was real. Philly Channel 3 had significant coverage on the 11pm Dec. 12 news. See also

Bridgewater, NJ High School declared safe after bomb threat of 11 Dec 09

**Separately, IPBiz received a comment to this post from one 電話 , which was written entirely in Korean characters. LBE did translate the comment, which related to some kind of sexual experience, and not to Wal-Mart oil changes or burgers at BurgerKing, so the comment was eliminated. Comments to IPBiz that try to sell something or crosslink to an unrelated website will be eliminated.


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