Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Scientists as three card monte dealers?

Within AmericanThinker:

The concept of unblemished scientific integrity is now one with the scholastic monasteries and the academy at Athens. Scientists today are well on their way to becoming an amalgam of the cheap politician and the three-card monte dealer. They are viewed by the less educated as a privileged class making alarming and impudent claims for their own benefit. The better-informed find ourselves in the uncomfortable position of being unable to defend something we once admired.

Earlier, LBE had presented evidence that the use of the "97% patent grant rate" argument in patent reform was just like three card monte.


Jaffe/Lerner again: patent reform as three card monte?

In passing, the AmericanThinker article made reference to Hwang Woo Suk, but neglected to mention he's back in the dog cloning business.


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