Saturday, December 05, 2009

Plagiarists unwelcome at The Huffington Post

Concerning the plagiarism affair involving Mona Sarika, a post on HuffingtonPost includes the following text:

Mario Ruiz, Vice President of Huffington Post Media relations, responded to questions via email.

"Once we establish that a story or blog post has been plagiarized, we remove the story from our site and revoke the plagiarist's right to ever post on The Huffington Post again. We also remove all other posts by that blogger and add a note as to why we've done so."

"This has actually been a very rare occurrence over the four-and-a-half years we've been publishing," he said. " Our policy on any factual inaccuracy (not just plagiarism) is that any time the factual accuracy of a post is called into question, a blogger has 24 hours to either back up their facts or correct the error. If they don't, their blogging privileges will be revoked."

In an earlier post, this author described plagiarism of this author's work by one Annie Kaszina. When this author tried to publish an account of the plagiarism with ezine, he was turned down, cold. The incident was largely ignored, until picked up by fark.


"This blatant rip-off is unacceptable, even for a blogger."

Now, if certain law reviews adopted the Huffington policy on factual accuracy, may be we would not have accounts of Gary Boone inventing the integrated circuit running through the Westlaw and Lexis databases.


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