Wednesday, December 09, 2009

CSI NY "Death House" episode depicts revenge of an inventor against crooked backer

On December 9, 2009, CSI NY, in an episode titled "Death House", depicted the revenge of an inventor ripped off by a "venture capitalist", in the year 1923.

The inventor (Harding) was ripped off by a backer (Jones) and invited Jones to his home in Manhattan, where, in re-arranging a puzzle (on the floor) of a "fallen angel", Jones is impaled by knives, roughly in the shape of angel's wings. Harding placed the revenge discussion on a phonographic cylinder (left in Jones' pocket) which words might be of some relevance to modern day "angels."

Yes, there was even reference to a patent infringement litigation, and even the rule against perpetuities.

While the episode might seem a bit over the top, one recalls the McKenna - Jackson incident in Chicago.


Blogger kevin said...

I am one of the writers/creators of that episode. We are both ex-attorneys who wrote the episode as a freelance gig. We could not believe we actually found some use for the rule against perpetuities. Our property professor would be proud...if we got even close to correctly applying the rule.

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