Sunday, November 22, 2009

"New Jersey as paradise"

In an interview on "60 Minutes" on 22 Nov. 09, Maziar Bahari noted of his detention in Iran --

"...a member of Iran's elite Revolutionary Guard, thought New Jersey was paradise on Earth."

Maziar then observed that he was totally screwed, because his guards must be really stupid.

Query: did the Iranian guards get this impression from watching the movie "The Wrestler," which helped to make Cheeques (in Linden, NJ) famous?

IPBiz notes that Cheeques is less than one mile from the former site of Exxon's
Corporate Research Labs.

**On another point

IPBiz has observed that in New Jersey, the Rutgers football coach makes more than the governor.
Other states also pay football coaches a lot of money. On Saturday, Nov. 21, the LSU - Old Miss
game made one wonder if the money is well spent.

USAToday covered part of the debacle in the following way:

LSU got another chance when it recovered the ensuing onsides kick, however. The Tigers then moved to the Ole Miss 32. But rather than running the ball to improve its field-goal position, Miles again opted to throw. An incompletion, a sack and a pass for a loss of seven yards in three plays, left the Tigers with a fourth-and-26. There was only with nine seconds left and no timeouts remaining due to some poor clock management.

Amazingly, they converted on a throw from Jordan Jefferson to Terrance Tolliver at the 5-yard line with 1 second left and the clock stopped to move the chains. LSU had two choices – scramble the field-goal team on to the field and try a kick or run a play to the end zone. Instead, Jefferson spiked the ball and the clock ran out. A chance to pull out the game was lost. Yes, there was a lot of confusion in the final minutes. However, Miles is paid to keep a cool head in that situation. That did not happen.

USAToday did not mention the absolute stupidity of an Old Miss player getting out of the way of the onsides kick, which enabled LSU to recover. It's a live ball; nothing changes if you touch it. What kind of coaching was that? But for Old Miss being stupid on the kickoff, LSU would not have had the later opportunity to be stupid.

USAToday mentioned "poor clock management" by LSU, which amounted to LSU's not immediately calling a time out on an earlier play (specifically a 17-second delay in calling a timeout when only 30 seconds remained). As to the spiking event, what can one say? Universities pay these coaches big bucks and look at the work product.

Of money issues, the Denver Post noted:

How silly do Duke athletic director Kevin White and Notre Dame theology professor Edmund Malloy feel right now? In 2005, they were the Notre Dame athletic director and school president who signed Weis to a new 10-year contract through 2015 for nearly $40 million, which made him the highest-paid coach in the country. You could see their point. Weis had coached all of seven games at the time.

In the world of LSU and Old Miss, maybe New Jersey is paradise.


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