Thursday, November 05, 2009

More legal plagiarism exposed, but thesis committee blamed

At one point, Alan Dershowitz famously suggested that law schools promote a culture of copying.

In Budapest, one Ludek Hosman has apparently taken the Dershowitz suggestion to the max. From the Budapest Times:

Hosman’s 7-year-old thesis is identical to the thesis of his former supervisor Radovan Sládek, who was head of the Plzen police before Hosman was appointed in 1998.

Hosman, who also got a master’s degree and doctorate from Plzen, has been suspended from duty, while his lawyer Radek Ondrus blamed the Plzen law faculty, saying the onus was on them to notice the plagiarism.

“It is nonsense to make someone a scapegoat,” he said. “The faculty itself should have discovered that it was plagiarism. After all, it did not take long for journalists to find out.”

Only in the law could one lawyer (Ondrus) blame another group of lawyers for copying done by someone else.

Nevertheless, in the plagiarism by current SIU president Poshard, the investigating committee was notably silent on how Poshard's thesis committee didn't recognize Poshard's plagiarism.

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