Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Mood rings and pet rocks as inventions

Tony ["Tony D. DiNozzo" played by Michael Weatherly] on 3 November 09 in NCIS expounded on well-known inventions, including mood rings, pet rocks, and sporks, to which the response was that they were terrible inventions, to which in turn Tony responded that they made their inventors wealthy ('drillionaires"). There was then some discussion of the free market system.

The irony being that "Tony of NCIS" may have a better grasp of inventions and innovations than a variety of patent law professors.

Trivia: The characters of Gibbs And DiNozzo first appeared on JAG, making NCIS a spin-off of sorts of JAG.

From poobala:

JAG – standing for Judge Advocate General – spun off NCIS - Naval Criminal Investigative Service. Okay, this was not a case of taking established, loved characters from an existing show and launching them into a new series. This was one of those cases where they introduce the characters for the new show as guest stars on the original show for just a couple of episodes to test them out and then spin them off.


Harm and Gibbs in conflict makes for good TV. Unfortunately it could also end up making Gibbs looking like a bad guy and kind of a dick. Why do I want to watch a new show about a guy who wrongly accused heroic Harm of murder? Gotta make sure viewers see Gibbs as a hero. They do that in two ways. First, during Harm's trial they have Gibbs admit on the stand that he has changed his mind and thinks Harm is innocent. Right there we're allowed to like him. He isn't the guy to put Harm away, he's honest and decent enough to admit a mistake and [he] his testimony might actually help save Harm.

So, was the introduction of NCIS on JAG an "invention" of sorts? Could the manner of introduction qualify as a storyline business method patent?


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