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Mendte snagged by copyright law?

Larry Mendte is apparently pushing a show Coming Clean to TV news execs, wherein news stories beneath headlines would be analyzed, with a removal of bias and spin. His treatment on YouTube got pulled because CBS objected to the inclusion of (copyrighted) footage of Mendte's anchor work on Philly's KYW-3.

The story of Mendte's interaction with KYW co-anchor Alycia Lane inspired a plotline on Law & Order
"Law & Order" plotline follows Larry Mendte story and Madoff scam
]. Maybe Mendte could do a story on "what really happens" in tv newsrooms. The Law & Order take was brutal, not encouraging one to rely on local tv. Where have you gone, Walter Cronkite?

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UPDATE. 1 Jan 10:

There's another interesting twist to the Mendte saga. As reported by the Philly Inquirer:

Former Fox29 news anchor Dawn Stensland is thinking about running as a Republican for the Seventh District U.S. House seat in suburban Philadelphia, a move that would upset party leaders' efforts to clear the primary field for Pat Meehan.
She's well-known from her TV career and as the wife of Larry Mendte, a former anchor for CBS3, who was fired and pleaded guilty to federal wiretapping charges after hacking into the e-mails of his coanchor, Alycia Lane.

Meehan was the U.S. attorney when the Mendte probe began but had left by the time the case was prosecuted.


Blogger Editor said...

This creates an interesting and possible tricky precedent. It is common for reporters and anchors to use video of their work to gain employment, which was all Mendte was doing. CBS3 was maliciously subjective in enforcing copyright restrictions on this one usage and I think Mendte would be on solid legal ground if he chooses to fight it. Other resume tapes are on Internet and I believe ajudge would see an industry standard. This seems to be a strange position for CBS.

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