Sunday, November 22, 2009

Donor solvents in coal liquefaction

A comment within the patentpending blog:

While this is interesting. I agree with the other comment regarding the Bergius Process. And the now improved version, the "Kohleol" process, which is really just the Bergius with slightly different technology.

Indirect CTL technicques such as F-T are inefficient, and produce less transportation fuels than direct techniques. There's about 7 different commercially viable direct techniques mainly developed in germany, usa and japan. The first commercial scale direct CTL plant as part of this postmodern-era CTL revival is the NEDOL plant (Kohleol process), which is meant to be producing as of now... (Feb, 2008) but I doubt the Chinese government will let anyone see the results for a while.

See also

and from :

To improve the product quality in the NEDOL coal liquefaction process (which was developed by the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization, NEDO), improvement of the NEDOL process was proposed and tested by a continuous plant, which can process 1 ton of coal per day. In the improved process, the products and recycle solvent are simultaneously hydrogenated in the solvent hydrogenation section. Although the recycle solvent of the improved process became lighter and degradation of the recycle solvent quality was supposed, via more-severe hydrogenation conditions in the solvent hydrogenation section, the hydrogen-donating capability of the recycle solvent was maintained and degradation was not recognized


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