Sunday, November 22, 2009

CAFC CJ Michel to retire

According to a source to abovethelaw:

[Chief Judge Michel] said he’s motivated to retire instead of moving to senior judge status because he hates the muzzle that comes with being an Article III judge. He wants to lobby. He feels pretty strongly that certain parts of the pending patent reform act are outrageous.

Lest we forget, recall the words of [former] NJ Judge Mathesius who described [former NJ Chief Justice] Poritz like this:

"The Chief swept in, clad in diaphamous tulle and a high-fashion shahtoosh. Her diamante' Harlequin glasses provided interesting accent. The picture collectively brought to mind a hint of mature Andrea Dworkin with a touch of Dick Cheney." He went on to suggest she took management tips from Kim Jong II, the North Korean dictator.



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