Thursday, October 22, 2009

"Twittering taco trucks," or was that patent reform?

CBS Evening News with Katie Couric on Oct. 22 had a piece on the NJ governor's race. The photo angles were not particularly flattering to challenger Christie. [So far nothing on the CBS webpage.] CBS News mentioned that Corzine was spending a lot of his own money in the race (more than 2X of Christie's outlay). Somewhat reminds one of IT's spending in patent reform.

The CBS News episode ended with a story on the Twitter-driven food from trucks trend in LA.

Sarah Lemon at Mail Tribune: Through Twitter, the Kogi BBQ truck and its Korean-Mexican fusion has amassed thousands of fans in LA

Katherine Spiers : Doing it standing up is all the rage in Los Angeles. What was once a game run almost exclusively by super-cheap taco trucks has opened up to all comers -- hello again, vendrification -- making “taco truck” a bit of a misnomer (and no, we do not accept “lunch truck”). But "food truck" sounds so impersonal, we're not yet settled on replacement. Nevertheless, here are 10 trucks-serving-food garnering the most attention at the moment. We know, Kogi’s not on the list. If you don’t already know about Kogi, you’re probably not reading this anyway.

● Marked 5 (@Marked5) - Is there such thing as an umami tooth? This truck’s existence says yes: it may be the most highly-desired right now. It serves little Japanese “burgers” on a bun composed of pressed rice. Teriyaki salmon, katsu pork, that sort of thing. Plus snacks like Calpico and Pocky for a Eastern experience on the Westside.

IPBiz can understand Twitter generating a food craze. But the Twitter-like feeding frenzy of IP profs in patent reform is beyond the pale. Or are the two really the same thing?


Still no sign of the 22 Oct. Corzine/Christie story on the CBS webpage. One does note some recent poll results:

The Rutgers-Eagleton poll, conducted Oct. 15 - 20, puts incumbent Democrat Jon Corzine in the lead with 39 percent, followed by Republican Chris Christie with 36 percent and Daggett at 20 percent. This is the first poll to find Daggett at or above 20 percent support.

One recalls the egregious inaccuracy of polling results on the New Jersey stem cell bond initiative.


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