Monday, October 12, 2009

The refrigerator patent wars heat up

The Joongangdaily quoted LG on the re-hearing by the ITC of the case brought by Whirlpool:

“The commission’s order for another look at this suit was an extremely rare case in the history of ITC judging, and some speculated that it was affected by Whirlpool’s aggressiveness and the spreading of a protectionist stance in the U.S. regarding international trade,” read an official statement from the Korean electronics maker yesterday.

The refrigerator patent wars are changing venue to New Jersey and to Delaware:

Meanwhile on Wednesday [7 Oct], LG sued Whirlpool for infringing its patents on three-door refrigerators in a federal court in New Jersey. The next day, Whirlpool sued LG in Delaware, asking a judge to invalidate the U.S. patent for a refrigerator that includes an ice maker in the door.


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