Sunday, October 25, 2009

Myron Rolle at Oxford

In a post in 2008, IPBiz talked about Myron Rolle, a collegiate football player (FSU) out of the Princeton area. A piece in the Guardian titled US football star Myron Rolle trades touchdowns for test tubes at Oxford gives an update:

Rolle, 22, was a star defensive player at Florida State University, where he also won acclaim as a pre-medical student for research on stem cells and cancer cells. (...)

A top prospect for the NFL, Rolle last year opted to defer entering the league's amateur draft for a year and study for a master's degree in medical anthropology at Oxford, all with an eye towards an eventual career in medicine.

The author of the article, one Daniel Nasaw, is a bit unfamiliar with the US:

Former US senator and hall of fame basketball player Bill Bradley delayed entering the National Basketball League (NBL) [sic] to attend Oxford.


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