Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Bloggers criticized in Bilski session

In a session titled "Behind the Scenes Look at Bilski", speakers criticized (obliquely) certain blogger commentary on the Bilski case.
Two observations:

#1. The speakers had prepared more thorough commentary on Bilski than is seen within most blogs.

#2. Given that the speakers were well on top of the Bilski matter, it was somewhat interesting to observe a) that they were
keeping track of what was being said in the blogs and b) that they were worried about what was "in" the blogs, to the point that they spoke about the blogs.

And, no, they were not talking about IPBiz. And, yes, there was a lot of talk about Prometheus Laboratories Inc. v. Mayo Collaborative Services.

As a separate point, the "revised" conventional wisdom now seems to be that there will be a patent reform package THIS YEAR.
As Lex Luther (macaw) would say: wow!


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