Sunday, October 18, 2009

"60 Minutes" on Kanzius: We don’t want to be in a position to hype this.

"60 Minutes" did a followup on John Kanzius and his anti-cancer rf machine on 18 Oct. 09.

Sadly, Kanzius had died in February 2009, and the portion of the show illustrating that he had self-treated with rf, without using the nanoparticles, was sadder still.

It was also sad that Lesley Stahl repeated discussion of the hot dog experiment, which is scientifically incorrect. Stahl is way over her head on this type of reporting.

As to the future, Stahl did talk to Dr. Curley about future plans, using rf in conjunction with targetws gold nanoparticles.

Press & Tower reported:

Kanzius was quoted in the piece that for a period of a few months he was convinced that his use of the equipment was making a positive difference in his blood count and leukemia condition. He had used the machine without the injection of gold nano particles, an essential element in the current research.

Radiofrequency applied indiscriminantly to the body is not going to have any effect on the cancer. The whole point of the research was to direct the nanoparticles SPECIFICALLY to the cancer site, and then use rf to heat up the site by means of the naoparticles.

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