Sunday, September 27, 2009

Webcam at Denali National Park

The webcam at Denali National Park, which offers a view of Mt. McKinley under appropriate conditions, runs on solar power and is basically down for the winter. However, there are some "signs of the times" which can be seen without a webcam, as discussed further below.

From the website:

This web camera documents visibility conditions in Denali National Park & Preserve during the summer months as part of the NPS air quality monitoring program. The camera has been temporarily relocated to Wonder Lake while a new visitor center is being constructed at the former camera location. The webcam now runs on solar power.

Air quality in Denali is usually excellent, although small amounts of pollution are measured in the park each year. Contaminant concentrations in Denali show a strong seasonal pattern, with a peak in the late winter and spring. The peak coincides with intercontinental transport of pollutants primarily from industrial sources, and can be seen throughout interior Alaska. In the summer, it is not uncommon for smoke from naturally-occurring wildland fires to obscure the view, but the most common reason the Alaska Range cannot be seen from Wonder Lake is cloudy weather.

As of 9/27, the last picture [of Mount McKinley] on the website is from 23 Sept 09. If you were wondering, Mount St. Elias (18,008'), is the second highest peak in the United States.

In the current economy, as people leave such sunny states as California and Florida (the latter seeing its first decline in population since 1946), Alaska, up 6% in the last measure, is the fast growing state.

As a different "sign of the times," LBE recently heard on CBS-AM radio (880 in New York City) an ad directed to individuals to buy California state bonds. The ad pointed out that the bonds were exempt from federal and California tax, but was silent on New York (or New Jersey) tax. Maybe New Yorkers will buy some California CIRM bonds!

For those that don't remember, from AP on 14 July 09, Moody's downgraded California bonds from A2 to Baa1, which is near junk status.

Meanwhile, californiastemcellreport reported an agreement between CIRM and Germany: The agreement is intended to make it easier for researchers in California and Germany to obtain joint funding. As with the other agreements, no California funds are permitted to be spent outside of the state. Oh yes, and buy bonds.

**Of webcams

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