Wednesday, September 02, 2009

TechDirt trashes Locke and Kappos

In a post Commerce Secretary, New USPTO Head Suggesting They Want More Patents, Approved Faster, TechDirt goes after Locke and Kappos.

TechDirt has the usual non sequitur: The real problem, which becomes evident in reading the article is that since the USPTO is funded based on patent application fees, it has every incentive in the world, as an institution, to approve more patents.

Maybe, if one said "maintenance fees" ....

Meanwhile, RedOrbit writes:

IBM has filed for a patent for new technology that allows services such as Facebook and Twitter to be managed with a television remote control.

The new system would apparently facilitate two-way blogging as users watch television.

"One of the joys of watching television is discussing with one's friends the juicy bits of a favorite show or the latest television program,” IBM said.

Documents filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office describe the new platform as one that enables “automatic blogging of media viewing using an enhanced remote controller, suitable for use while viewing media programming and content.”

Kappos, while at IBM, talked of patent quality...


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