Sunday, September 13, 2009

Plagiarism and the firing of UN-Reno professor

In a story about the firing of a University of Nevada-Reno professor, one finds the text:

But in a three-page letter, Glick agreed with the committee’s finding that Hussein plagiarized from his graduate students by sending excerpts from their master’s theses to donating corporations.

The issue of money is involved:

Hearing officer Peter Breen, a former Washoe County judge, ruled before spring break that Hussein should be cleared of plagiarism charges but should face a reprimand for mislabeling more than $900,000 in donations as gifts instead of research grants. The University of Nevada, Reno can take a portion of grants to cover indirect costs such as facilities and administration.

One notes the current copyright infringement case against a Stanford professor for lifting material from a student's Ph.D. thesis.
In that situation, charges were brought by the student. See
Former grad student Sclimenti still moving against Stanford

Of President Glick, see also


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