Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Patent reform 2009: least likely of the unlikely?

An article by Grant Gross in PCWorld titled Technology Issues on Back Burner in US Congress mentioned five technical issues before Congress that are sitting on the back burner, of which patent reform was mentioned dead last. Thus, as to Congressional action, patent reform might be viewed as the least likely of the unlikely. Gross wrote of patent reform:

TechAmerica's Joshua Lamel called on U.S. President Barack Obama to support patent reform and innovation. Large tech vendors have argued that it's too easy for patent holders, some of whom aren't the original inventors, to sue tech companies for a small piece of a product and win huge damages.

"This is a clear opportunity for the administration to show some leadership," Lamel said.

Congress still appears to be interested in patent reform, added Tom Sydnor, a senior fellow at PFF. "But it remains difficult to see broad support for solutions to some of the most difficult remaining questions, like apportionment of damages," he said.

Perhaps Lamel should review the latest round in Lucent v. Microsoft.

Gross also notes that Bobby Rush is the main sponsor of a House data-breach notification bill. Rush is notable both for co-founding the Black Panther Party in Illinois and for being the only person so far to defeat Barack Obama in an election for public office.

on Bobby Rush


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