Monday, September 21, 2009

Obama to talk about innovation, but what about the USPTO?

At a talk at Hudson Valley Community College in Troy, NY on 21 Sept 09, President Obama will talk about

developing an advanced information technology system,
restoring U.S. leadership in basic research,
improving education,
development of clean energy,
advanced vehicle technology,
information technology for use in healthcare, and
promotion of U.S. exports.

There was no explicit reference to improvements at the USPTO. It took a long time to name David Kappos as nominee for Director at the Patent Office. Is the USPTO high on the priority list?

**In terms of the text of the speech, the word "patents" appears once, and that is in the context of a tax credit:

My budget finally makes the research and experimentation tax credit permanent. This is a tax credit that helps companies afford the often high costs of developing new ideas, new technologies, new products -- which means new jobs. And this tax incentive returns two dollars to the economy for every one dollar we spend. Time and again, I’ve heard from leaders -- from Silicon Valley to the Tech Valley -- about how important it is. I’ve also proposed reducing to zero the capital gains tax for investments in small or startup businesses, because small businesses are innovative businesses; they produce 13 times more patents per employee than large companies do.

President Obama made reference to the locale:

That's what led to the building of the Erie Canal, which then helped put cities like Troy on the map; that linked east and west and allowed commerce and competition to flow freely between. That's what led a pretty good inventor and a pretty good businessman named Thomas Edison to come to Schenectady and open what is today a thriving mom-and-pop operation known as General Electric.

One notes from PBS: The board of Edison General Electric decided to adopt AC power, and dropped Edison's name; the company was now called "General Electric." Edison would refuse to set foot in any General Electric plants for the next 30 years


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