Tuesday, September 29, 2009

New Jersey's patent bank website

On 25 Sept 09, a collaboration among New Jersey's Office of Information Technology, the Commission on Higher Education, the Commission on Science & Technology and the Governor’s Office of Economic Growth launched a website on patents,
New Jersey Patent Bank [www.njpatentbank.com ], which directs on to patentbank.

The website notes:

The New Jersey Patent Bank is a free and searchable web portal that allows innovators to post their New Jersey-based patents. The Patent Bank is designed to encourage the transfer of technology among the state’s 50 institutions of higher education, New Jersey companies and individuals.

Whether you are an entrepreneur looking to market your intellectual property or an organization that wants to collaborate with the university community on a new technology, the NJ Patent Bank can help you.

but is otherwise fairly sparse.

Of more interest is a story concerning Cuban entities obtaining US patents through the PCT process. US 7,556,726 is mentioned. The article notes: PTO records show the firm of Hoffmann & Baron in Syosset, N.Y., handled a large number of the Cuban cases. which law firm was involved in Festo.

On the flip side, the article notes: President Clinton amended the embargo in 1995 to permit U.S. companies for the first time since 1962 to pay the costs of registering patents and trademarks in Cuba.

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