Monday, September 28, 2009

Netlist files infringement suit against Inphi over US 7,532,537

Inphi Corporation issued a press release responding to a press release by Netlist asserting that Inphi’s newly developed iMB ™ technology infringes on Netlist’s U.S. Patent No. 7,532,537. Inphi described this as a nuisance lawsuit, which (at the time) was filed but not served.

The patent in question is titled Memory module with a circuit providing load isolation and memory domain translation and the first inventor is Jeffrey C. Solomon.

The first claim is

A memory module comprising: a plurality of memory devices, each memory device having a corresponding load; and a circuit electrically coupled to the plurality of memory devices and configured to be electrically coupled to a memory controller of a computer system, the circuit selectively isolating one or more of the loads of the memory devices from the computer system, the circuit comprising logic which translates between a system memory domain of the computer system and a physical memory domain of the memory module, wherein the system memory domain is compatible with a first number of chip selects, and the physical memory domain is compatible with a second number of chip selects equal to twice the first number of chip selects.

and the application was prosecuted by Knobbe.


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