Wednesday, September 02, 2009

"Hypothesize, experiment, litigate"

In the October 2008 issue of Photonics/Spectra, Amanda Francoeur has an article Gordon Gould's Scientific "Patent" Method which comprises the steps of hypothesize, experiment and litigate.

The article mentions that Gould originally thought he needed a working model of the laser, and that Gould went to TRG (Technical Research Group), but had issues with his security clearance because of a prior association with the communist party.

It was noted that technical difficulties that Gould later faced were used as evidence of "lack of enablement" of his initial disclosure. It was noted that although Gould was not successful in his early patent attempts in the US, he was successful in other countries.

The article noted that Gould changed his invention from the laser as a whole to the optical amplifier, and obtained US 4,053,845.

The article credits Theodore Maiman as the original inventor of the laser.

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