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Patent applications from prison?

IPBiz has discussed the matter of Jonathan Nyce previously. [22 Jan 2006: The Bayh-Dole Act and murder [the case of Jonathan Nyce]].

IPBiz noticed two patent applications, filed in 2008 and published in 2009, from Jonathan Nyce. US 20090054385 (12/196233), titled SOLID INHALATION FORMULATIONS OF DEHYDROEPIANDROSTERONE DERIVATIVES, was filed August 21, 2008 and lists as inventor: NYCE; Jonathan W.; (Titusville, NJ). [The law firm listed on the application is: WILSON SONSINI GOODRICH & ROSATI].

Jonathan Nyce DID once live in Titusville. [from epinions: Dr. Nyce was a professor and up and coming asthma researcher at East Carolina University. The two would relocate to the tony suburb of Titusville in Hopewell Township, near Princeton, New Jersey. , from a review of Never Leave Me]

In 2008, Jonathan Nyce was resident in South Woods State Prison, 215 S Burlington Rd, Bridgeton, NJ 08302-3479.

Of Nyce's trial attorney Robin Lord:

Lord was hospitalized Thursday [30 July 09], absent from the courtroom of Mercer County Superior Court Judge Mitchell Ostrer, when a jury came in with a guilty verdict for her client, retired Ex-Windsor detective John Fiore, accused of taking a $16,000 kickback (deck for his home) for funneling work to his buddy the crooked contractor/cop.

Courthouse sources said relatives and colleagues feared Lord, 47, suffered a mild stroke Monday before leaving her Monmouth County home for Trenton.

Of Nyce's appeal attorney:

“I expected a totally different outcome,” said Nyce, who filed his appeal pro se after problems developed with lawyer Paul W. Bergrin, who he hired then fired after Bergrin missed a deadline and belatedly filed what Nyce believed was an unacceptable brief. In a strange twist, Bergrin, 53, of Marlboro, recently admitted to conspiracy in a New York court to promote prostitution. [Since press time, Bergrin has also been charged with murder in New York in the death of a witness. - Ed.]

Of Never Leave Me: Sometime in the early morning hours of January 16, 2004, Michelle apparently came in after a tryst with Enyo at the Mount's Motel and Jonathan was lying in wait for her in the garage. From what we know, Michelle parked the couple's Land Cruiser suv in the cavernous garage and it was there that Jonathan attacked her after she ostensibly informed him that she wanted a divorce. Not being able to face a life not being married to Michelle, he struck her with a baseball bat and bludgeoned her to death, smashing her head into the garage's concrete floor numerous times. Jonathan would claim that Michelle called him some expletive and began trying to stab him with a knife.


On the concept of derivative work right in copyright law, relating to an unauthorized encyclopedia of all things Harry Potter.


The NJ Supreme court rejected Nyce's appeal in December 2009. See Trenton Times article: High court rejects appeal for wife-killer Nyce

See also article in People in 2004, including the text:

Aside from jealousy, some friends wonder if business pressure played a role. While Nyce's asthma drug had been tested and found to be effective with a limited number of patients, it didn't seem to be a blockbuster, and funding appeared to be drying up. In any case, Mercer County prosecutor Joseph Bocchini Jr. cautions against having any sympathy for Jonathan, regardless of his wife's misdeeds. "Obviously [Michelle's] past history may have played a role in the doctor's ultimate act," says Bocchini. "But that's apples and oranges, because the guy killed his wife."


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As a "dependent" of the state, do the people of New Jersey have a right to any profits associated with Dr. Nyce's patents filed during his "dependency"?

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