Monday, August 31, 2009

"More of a business"?

A post Wolverines blow the whistle on Michigan's 'absurd' workouts contains the words:

Three returning offensive linemen quit the team [before the first spring practice in 2008], including starting guard Justin Boren, who blasted the new administration for eroding the program's "family values" en route to arch rival Ohio State. This summer, another departing lineman recruited by Carr, Kert Wermers, echoed Boren when he complained the new regime was "more of a business." Altogether, 20 holdovers from Carr's last team have exited for various reasons under Rodriguez.

One recalls the contract disputes associated with Rodriguez leaving WVU:

Contract issues concerning former West Virginia University football coach

One recalls "who" the highest paid New Jersey employee is:

Salaries of coaches at public schools

College football is a business, despite any winks to the contrary.

Similarly, "patent reform" since 2005 has been about conflicting business models, not about "low quality" patents.

In Britain, they speak of being “tipped the wink.”


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