Sunday, August 16, 2009

Fark on patent examiners at the patent office

Lots of picture variants and the lines on Fark included:

GeeGee LOL, nice touch on the one in his hand. I wonder what could be patented in that field...
Thank you for noticing that! I've been wanting to add a little steampunk to a shop for a while now. Thought the Patent Office might be a good choice.
I can't see what's the big deal about "colorizing" all this shiat. Why in the early days of TV all we'd have to do is put a nice piece of colored plastic over the round screen and - VOILA!! colored TV!

Photoshop as the 21st century L.H.O.O.Q. (French slang -- "Elle a chaud au cul." [referring to the postcard image of Mona Lisa with a moustache])


Collage culture and mashups

L.H.O.O.Q.--Internet-Related Derivative Works [Duchamp laboriously altered the postcard before adding the moustache]


***Update. As of August 20, 2009, no one commented on the detail of the "adjusted" photo on Fark. An enlargement is included:

One IPBiz reader "connected the dots" between the Fark picture and the reference to LHOOQ:

Poor clerk needs to find himself a woman. For his sake I hope elle a chaud au cul.


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