Wednesday, August 19, 2009

CIRM to share “instructive negative research” results

A post on californiastemcellreport notes:

One matter that may trouble many scientists is what may be a reluctance to share information outside of the CIRM research community. The strategic plan discusses sharing “instructive negative research” results within its own community.

The post doesn't actually say that positive research results will be shared WITHIN the CIRM research community, much less with outsiders. The California taxpayer is serving as venture capitalist to a bunch of independent operators, and the taxpayer is not going to get a return on money invested.

The report also mentions "patient advocates, who may also not be pleased with the 10 to 14 year timetable for therapies."

IPBiz has noted for years that therapies would be beyond the 10 year lifetime of CIRM. Hope californiastemcellreport isn't surprised at this foreseeable timetable.


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