Wednesday, August 26, 2009

CAFC judges soon to fall like dominos?

Marcia Coyle [Tom Schoenberg ] at Legal Times wrote on 26 Aug 2009:

President Obama this fall will have his first opportunity to put his stamp on the patent-heavy U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit. Judge Alvin Schall recently told the White House that he will take senior status in October. That will create the first of what could be as many as eight vacancies on the appellate court in the president's first term.

Eight of the court's 12 judges will be eligible to retire or to take senior status in less than two years. The judges currently eligible for senior status include Chief Judge Paul Michel, Pauline Newman, Haldane Mayer and Alan Lourie. Those eligible this year are Schall, Timothy Dyk, Arthur Gajarsa and, in early 2010, William Bryson. Four senior judges now sit on the court: Daniel Friedman, Glenn Archer, S. Jay Plager, and Raymond Clavenger.

The post ends with the line: patent reform legislation, like the crocus in springtime, is perennial. Could one say, patent reform is the legislation of the future, and always will be?

Will Judge Whyte get another shot?


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