Thursday, July 23, 2009

New Jersey--July 23, 2009. FBI nabs NJ mayors.

The NYT reports: The mayors of Hoboken and Secaucus, a state assemblyman and dozens of others were rounded up early Thursday [July 23, 2009] as the F.B.I. swept across four counties in New Jersey as part of a two-year corruption and money-laundering investigation that ranged from the Jersey Shore to Brooklyn and has even reached into the State House in Trenton.

A lengthy press conference was presented on NJ public television (channel 23, 52, 58 etc). The speakers made clear this was a ten (10) year investigation. They seemed to indicate that three mayors, a deputy mayor, and a NJ commissioner were among those caught in this "pay to play" sting. The discussion of the recently-elected Hoboken mayor was brutal (paraphrase of text attributed to mayor: there are three kinds of people, those who were with us, those who joined later (and will have to wait in line), and those who were against us, who we will grind into dust.) Life IS harsh in New Jersey. But at least we don't have CIRM, and we aren't releasing felons from prison, as California plans.

Political corruption in NJ may be a forever thing. For "not forever" things

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