Saturday, June 06, 2009

Umbrella cockatoo

As a followup to a comment to the IPBiz post
Cockatoo confusion in Trenton. Luna. Lex and Howard.
, IPBiz still states that umbrella cockatoos originated from certain islands in Indonesia, and do not come from Australia.

Other cockatoos, such as that in the tv show Baretta, do come from Australia, but it is the umbrella cockatoo that is most common cockatoo pet. Umbrella cockatoos are (generally) friendly and breed well in captivity, but they make a lot of noise if not given attention, and thus are frequently "re-homed."

Umbrella cockatoos are comfortable among human beings, including strangers, but not all cockatoos are so friendly. IPBiz published pictures of a (black) red-tailed cockatoo; one picture not included was that of the cockatoo giving its handler a big bite in the palm of the hand. See
Flocks and things
. Remarkably, after the bite, the handler invited LBE to hold the red-tail, which offer was declined. Although cockatoos are not as powerful as macaws, their bites can hurt.

In the IP dimension, Howard Berman never debated Lex Luther (the macaw) and the IP Scholars Conference declined to let LBE speak. Birds of a feather who don't want to hear from other flocks?


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