Sunday, June 14, 2009

Park notes favorable citation by Eugenie Reich in WSJ

Bob Park's 12 June 09 WN included:

In the Wall Street Journal, June 6, 2009, Eugenie Reich discussed "the five best books on scientific fraud," including my "Voodoo Science" (Oxford, 2000), which she referred to as "devastating" on the subject of "cold fusion." Cold fusion 20 years later remains a curious mix of self deception and outright fraud.

One wonders, is being favorably cited by Eugenie Reich a good thing, or a bad thing? We know Park saw "60 Minutes" but what about Reich? Does it matter?

See also
Brian Josephson on Eugenie Reich and bubble fusion

Also on WN:

At a departmental colloquium 30 years ago the speaker assured the audience that carbon dioxide buildup in the atmosphere would be buffered by absorption in the ocean. I kept waiting for that to happen. Of course, it was happening. According to a statement issued this week by the Interacademy Panel, whose 60-some members range from the Albanian Academy of Science to the Zimbabwe Academy of Science, a quarter of the CO2 produced by human activity in the last 200 years has been absorbed in the oceans. Unfortunately, excessive CO2 in the oceans is no more benign than that in the atmosphere. Marine life that depends on calcium carbonate is particularl. Moreover, ocean acidification is irreversible on a timescale of thousands of years. The only way to mitigate ocean acidification is to reduce CO2 in the atmosphere. Sequestration, that will at best affect the second derivative. We must reduce reproduction.


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